Did ppl forget how good Frank was?

I keep seeing people post over and over how they expected Baroni to run through Frank...Why??! I dont get it at all. He didnt look great vs. Renzo, admittedly, but he wasnt hurt in that fight and I still think it could have gone either way before the illegal blows. Other than that fight, I remember a Frank that kicked some serious ass in his day. I loved his fights with Tito and the rematch with Lober etc...I think Baroni is a good fighter with a lot of heart but Baroni running through the Frank I remember seems totally far-fetched to me and I cant understand why anyone who saw Frank back in the day would expect it...Thoughts?


Cause they're noobs who like fighters who talk shit and can't back it up.

Because they like antics instead of skill.

Because they haven't been in this sport long enuff or trained in it.

Because they have watched too much of the Sopranos.

Because they want to see Frank fail (and he's not going to against Baloni.)

They Frank has a big ego and he earned it when he beat Tito.

But to their defense, he's hung on to that too long w/ out competing and still claimed he's the best (which he's not anymore)

But He was 1 of the first well round fighters that expressed the urge to be well rounded.

in my opinion, this was the best striking frank has ever shown. he never really revealed that before against someone who is primarily a striker

I thought Frank wouldn't be as good considering that he's been out for so long and hasnt fought the best comp recently. Honestly it doesnt look like he's lost a step

I agree that many people want Frank to fail because of his ego/they dont like him etc...but I even saw non-noobs predicting Baroni to crush Frank...thats why Im thinking they must've forgot....

And yes, I agree he's hung on to his big ego too long without competing much but still he should not be underestimated so much that people actually consider Baroni to be a large favorite over him...

Frank has never had the standup that he showed last night.

What about in his fight vs Inoue? I thought his standup has looked good in several fights and I didn't think Frank would shy away from fighting on the feet vs. Baroni.

'Frank has never had the standup that he showed last night.'

How long has Frank been training with Maurice Smith?

He's still a force, and he's been training and keeping fit for years. Never stopped training just because he left the UFC.

Injury prone now - years of rolling, wrestling , submissions, etc will have that effect even on the best.

I wish him well but he's vulnerable. Renzo presented way to much of a challenge to him. And that tells me something.

Baroni was not that hard a dude to beat. Phil's done after three minutes everytime except Soulev.

Didn't you read the 100% sure Phil will win thread yesterday?....how could any of you morons still think it after that shit was posted. ttt for the kiss of death

He's been training with Maurice for a long time...anyone know exactly when?

I am glad Frank won, but I honestly thought that he would have lost his "Frankosity" when he quit fighting, while the rest of the game continued to evolve. Just expected ring rust. It just seemed like this fighting style, so very energetic, would be hard to maintain through his retirement.

Im glad I was wrong

wild celtic,

Sure, Frank is no longer #1...but I dont think ANYONE at 185 should just be expected to run through him like many people expected of Baroni.

Because he KOed Kondo EASILY (who beat frank), KOed that Pirranah faced dude ( who beat Anderson Silva), and went the distance w/ that masake guy who beat Hendo.

Meanwhile Frank got dominated by renzo and had to cheat in order to get out of a loss.

Baroni appeared MUCH improved against current top guys while Frank looked awful against an old Renzo. That's why.

his prime was 7 years ago

SKARHEAD and others seem to greatly exaggerate what went on in the Renzo-Frank fight. It was much closer than how some people make it sound....and to say he threw those knees intentionally to get out of a loss is absurd, he wound up losing a fight by DQ that he still had a chance to win.

According to the judges Frank was actually ahead I believe after round 1. I personally thought Renzo was getting the better of it but Frank was far from being dominated and he wasn't hurt badly at all. I think Frank still had reasonable chances to win before the illegal shots. I think he simply forgot the rule just as he did last night with Baroni (which he was warned for).

Noone is saying Frank hasnt lost a step, but acting like Baroni sucks is just stupid. He has beaten some good fighters over the years....

It wasnt impressive vs. Baroni?? Please...

You go fight with a blown ACL and MCL. I bet you couldn't even walk with those injuries.