Did Psaki win this round?

Personally, I think she side stepped the question and was being obtuse.

Your thoughts?

50/50 I think.

I would agree with the reporter that if they really do want to encourage people to get vaccinated, that getting Trump on board by giving him due credit would go a long ways in that regard.

But at the same time, it is making an assumption that people who supported Trump and have decided against getting the vaccine would then do so if Trump were given credit.

If that reporter had asked the question the way Jim Acosta had asked most of his questions when Trump was president it would have been stated as “Why is president Biden eager to let so many people die by not giving president Trump accolades for his brave approach to vaccines in Operation Warp Speed?”


Good answer

Apparently, the most under vaccinated population is black people so getting Trump involved won’t do shit for that demographic.

Piece of shit Chucky looking criminal. Red heads are my favorite but everythi g about her turns my stomach. She looks like Zuckerberg in a wig, and lies like him too.

The vaccine is an interesting issue. I know a person who is a blue hair wokester LGBTQ community type who refuses to get the vaccine and says they never will, and I know a hard core conservative “this truck secured by Smith & Wesson” bumper sticker-having type guy who could not wait to get it.

As already mentioned, Trump touted the vaccines, was responsible for Operation Warpspeed, was vaccinated himself, and publically encouraged everyone to get vaccinated as well. Meanwhile, the Biden administration openly spread anti vax rhetoric leading up to the election. Giving Trump credit for the vaccine won’t do anything at this point. At least to those that were paying any attention.

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Just anecdotal, but when I was in ChiTown a couple weeks ago I was in a hot tub and a couple sistas got in. Part 1 of their conversation was about one of their grandfathers who had caught COVID and was doing very poorly. Part 2 of their conversation was their adamant refusal to get vaccinated.

Both Kamala and Joe said they wouldn’t get the vaccine. Kamala blamed Trump specifically, stating she wouldn’t trust anything born from his administration, and Joe “quipped” (as best he is capable of) about who on Earth would raise their hand to be the first to take an experimental vaccine with unknown side effects. But that was WAY back when Trump was the face of the forthcoming vaccines.

Now that they’re lying about their role in producing the vaccine and taking credit for it, anyone who DOESN’T inject themselves with a novel, non-FDA approved emergency vaccine is an idiot and a traitor who shouldn’t be allowed to go to work.

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Since this is a post about Jen Psaki, I have an observation. She may be smoking hot in real life, and has the cool demeanor to go with it - but looking at her on TV she has deep black eyes like they usually put on a demon in movies. I’m sure her eyes are a different color than just black IRL, but god damned if she doesn’t look every bit demonic on screen.

You know that kitty glows red after a good pounding