Did Rashad tap Ricco??

I remember a few years ago reading that Rashad stepped in at the last minute to take on Ricco R. in a grappling match in which Ricco was supposed to be the winner via walk over but Rashad ended up winning by heel hook or some other form of leg lock.

This happendd right before Ricco beat Randy for the UFC HW title-was it Rashad that beat Ricco?

The article said that Rashad trained under former UFC fighter Joe"the getto man" Charles.

Ricco got heelhooked by "Ahmad" not Rashad.



OK - i dint bother to go looking for the old issue of grappling mag that i read that article in-but i remember that the guy looked similar too Rashad.

Ahmad basically took the match against Ricco from the bleachers. It was literally last minute.

Ricco got heelhooked by Ahmad Rashad??!!??

Damn, what next? Al Bundy taps Royce?

...and Ahmad looks NOTHING like Rashad. WTF?

It was Ahmad Reese who tapped ricco.

Now i'm confused...is it Andy Reese we're talking about?


What has the mma world become....

yep, looks just like Rashad


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Lil 'Cease is doing BJJ now? What the fuhc.....

Ricco got subbed by a crease in his own gi?


why would terrorists call for jihad against lil cease?


Akmad Jahhad tapped Ricco? Holy shit! That guy works at the quickie mart down the street. Ricco got tapped with a TURBAN choke!!

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