Did Rodgers Throw that Game?

Danica Patrick was the only one of his recent beards that wasn’t from Hollywood or fucked in the head. And this current one is the nuttiest of them all.

This as well

For those saying Rodgers is too all about himself to throw a game, I dont think throwing the game means making himself look bad if done in this particular way. Throwing a game like this in such an overt way, especially if he comes back next week looking great, is a way to make sure he looks very good and very important to people, and serves as a warning to teams that dont value him that if he decides to play bad, you arent going to win no matter who else you have, and if he plays well, he can win with a team that isnt that great in any other way, especially defensively. To me, its the ultimate narcissist move, to harm others as a way of showing them how important you are.