Did that ginger have herpes?

and he still fighting?

He appears to have some type of retardation (on top of gingervitis) of course.  Perhaps his roommates are concerned about catching retardation/gingervitis.

 he seemed pretty happy about it actually? I thought herpie was a big deal?!

i think hes just happy that theres some physical evidence of some sort of intercourse ?

 He was happy because herpes enables him to get even redder.

richie hightower


Its only a cold sore

you can never trust a ginger imho

WatchinMMA - you can never trust a ginger imho

Hey! as a ginger, I represent that.

rode an elevator w/ Rocco.


i thought you were referring to Ginger from Gilligan's Island....

bismanfightclub - Tackleberry, Mahoney.




I thank this season for adding the racial slang term "ginger" to my daily vocabulary.

I thought this thread was about frontrowbrian.

 LOFL, the FRB romoshop always gets me!!!!