Did the Government remove Gore Websites?

Has the government shut down these types of websites? Back in the day you could see anything online with no restrictions. There was a mass shooting streamed live on twitch yesterday. I can’t find it anywhere online. Do the Fed’s now have complete control of the internet?


What sort of faggot wants to watch that sort of shit anyway?


Ogrish, bestgore, liveleak, those had all the cartel vids and chinese traffic death vids.

I would happily see all of that shit shut down. Gore & porn can go. The world would be a better place.


still the ync

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Don’t know what your talking about OP. The Gore website loads just fine for me





Social media has caused more societal harm than any of the other two


I’ll check to see if it has his sex assault against the masseuse.

It’s sort of difficult to find videos online of the old Rackem Rackball HNIC who will suck yo dick. He was all the rage at one time.

Al Gore and the sex assaulted masseuse are magically missing from that site.

Make my coffin is gone from Reddit as well

you don’t want to see the truth is ukraine?

Or Middle East

How will you know if it’s truly happening or just gov propeganda

and if you start putting “restrictions” then ask yourself. Who is in charge of restricting?

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Oh it’s been one of the worst things ever for society.

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We have these things & still everyone just believes the propaganda.

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Sorry, bruh bruh, but real sex is the way to go.

I’m not sure how all the gore sites were shut down like that. Sure they can be gross, but at the same time, there are vids of Al queda and terror groups killing people, or real combat action.

Its not bad to have the ability to see those things to verify for yourself rather than relying on the federal government to spoon feed select information to the population. Chinese concetration camps, north korean Brutality on their own people, brazilian prisons etc. Better to be aware than in the dark

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Not everyone

we just have to get back to trusting reporters

but the question is… if you don’t trust the gov

Then why do you want to give them more power

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Crazy shit .com

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