did the gracies miss out?

Ok before i get trolled read this carefully:

When the ufc was created it was basically to show case gracie jujitsu, which it did in amazing fashion! Do you think they could have continued the dynasty perhaps with having Gracie alternates? It was after all their show, and w/o predetermined outcomes how did they know royce wouldnt get hurt even in winning? Imagine if royce got hurt and another gracie took his spot, they could have ran with the Gracie challenge on ppv for many events......possibly years!

Royce gets hurt, Rickson takes his place, he fights and wins a few then he gets hurt, in comes Ralph or Renzo........What a marketing ploy that would have been for them if they could show that each family member in one event could do just as well.....maybe better!

Just an odd thought......but a very valid one that i think they may have overlooked, and quite possibly missed out on even bigger exposure to what still became arguably the most practical martial art of our time......and just think now they have Gracies that can strike too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just so everyone knows.....im not a gracie jock rider or hater, im merely pointing out a valid and perhaps clever marketing campaign that maybe rorion didnt take advantage of!

ps. ive never trained at a gracie academy nor have i fought anyone from there so im completely unbiased lol

i do however recognize their families accomplishments and contributions to the sport/martial arts in general!

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yeah very true............but the gracies were the top of the food chain as far as grappling back then(still are in many peoples rankings) and could have still had a nice run until atleast ufc 9

No because then you would have had the other fighters complaining because they had to fight one or more fights and say Royler took Royce's place would have been fresh not having fought one.

It would have been good to see. If the Gracies couldn't do so good today. Tehn why are they still fighting?

no no......the gracies ARE still good.........as evidenced by bushido! i think rodrigo will definitely come into his own and renzo if he foguth at the right weight class would be top 5! royce is like joe montana of mma.........he was never extremely agile or flashy but he got the job done!(although roce throwing round kicks was something to behold especially with his form that the photo showed!

time limits present a problem for any "patient fighter" thats the hard part about it!

Suck Helio off while your at at. Point is Gracies are done. Have been since Kimo enbarrassed Royce and Renzo got laughed at by Takada.

and which gracie did takada beat exactly in a fight?