Did the UFC just add an absolute division? (pic)

Missing weight will become the norm. After all who cares if you lose some purse.

Look at Alves, he wanted to make a point with Hughes and didn't care about little things like hitting weight. These guys can fight over all the way to the title shot.

Most MMA fans will not even care, they will cheer for whomever the UFC is pumping this week as the best.

Of course the pro fighters who show up on weight have no recourse either. Not like they can tell Zuffa they will not take the fight. So, in the end they lose some purse and nothing else.

^ Alves came in looking way bigger than Hughes though. Alves is a huge WW no doubt but he looked smaller when he fought GSP.

Still, I do think YY has his chances to submit AJ though AJ will likely dwarf YY come fight time.