did they change my name yet?

whats my name? this is a test

How about "submittedtwice"?

Name: Chris Nelson
Pro Record: 0-2-0

Lose Scott Malicoat Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 4:51 1 Freestyle Combat Challenge 4 3/31/2001

Lose Mustafa Hussaini Submission (Strikes) 3:23 1 Freestyle Combat Challenge 7 3/23/2002

lol, I lost a screen name bet. So im checking to see if they changed it.

I didn't submit.

Actually, the question you really should be asking is, "Do you really have a big bopper?"

And the answer to that is yes. I have a definitive reach advantage.

By the way, props to Chris for having a sense of humor about this. I wasn't hating, just amused...

How do you get your name changed after a screen name bet?