Did Tito say no to fighting Ken?!?

Damn, Forrest, look what ya done.

I say let Forest have the good pay day, and build him up even more. I like Forest, and his style 100 times more than I ever liked Tito.

"He would more than likely do it again but he wants to get back into the title hunt. "

Tito's contract was for 3 fights. Forrest, Ken and then if he wins a title shot. If he wrecked Ken again he would be back in the title hunt.

The UFC actually has their turn now to screw Tito over. He didn't fight Ken which he was supposed to do, they don't have to ever give him a title shot, at least not in the next few years if they don't feel like now. There is no official ranking system in the UFC with manditory #1 contenders so oh well...

um backing out of a rematch with Chuck or Randy would be one thing. I don't think Tito would fake an injury to avoid fighting Ken.

Did anyone see their last fight ?

I've done an ACL before and its a nasty injury but really, did Ken look any different in that fight compared to how he normally fights ?

Does he normally stick and move quickly or have some amazing agility, that wasn't there ?

He looked like the Ken we always see fight....

"He looked like the Ken we always see fight...."

I wish we could see the Ken that fought Fujita more often. (minus the gassing/heart problems/breathing problems or whatever made him quit)

I agree. If Ken were 100% back at UFC 40, he would have had a great chance of beating Tito. That was the Ken many people were counting on to show up.

Now, even at 100%, he's declined so much in the last few years that he really has no chance against a 100% Tito.

Why didn't Tito make his apparent knee injury known to the UFC Management before the Forrest fight? As a businessman Dana should be pissed off at Tito. The UFC would have much rather had Tito back out at 58 and get his injuries healed up in time for the fight with Ken. Look at all the money the UFC has wasted on setting up Tito/Ken with TUF 3.

I think fighters should get paid better but fighters keep screwing organizations and in the long run screwing themselves.

Xad, I picked up Tito's explanation off of his forum at titoortiz.com.