Did Tito vs Dana had boxing match?

Any info?

did hee? sonds lik he did

what a tard

Anyone over the age of 13 know anything? Someone posted yesterday that it was to happen today. I havent seen anything posted about it today.

still nothing?


Tito was injured. He contracted herpes from Jenna Jameson.

lol @ this thread

Dana knocked him out

From Fightsport.com:

"White, who describes himself as being "built like a fighter" and claims that he intimidates TV executives into doing his bidding, created a big noise about a supposed boxing grudge match with Tito Ortiz but word from ZUFFA insiders is that White was so badly schooled during sparring sessions that he is too scared to step in the ring with Ortiz and face a potential public beatdown."

lol @ that pic always