Did U Here Lamply? He Blows!

Did you guys here Lamply Diss. MMA just now? I agree, no one in MMA has hands like the exibition we saw this evening. Conversely, thats not what MMA is about. I have never liked him and dislike him even more now!


I'd like to see how Floyd does against someone like Bang Ludwig in Thai Rules.

I know - bad comparison - but I really still wanna see Floyd get beat down.

the fact he mentioned it at all should speak volumes

^^^said it before I could.

What he's getting is free promotion for the ufc on a fight that generated over 100 million dollars.


"I think you two [Lennox Lewis and Max Kellerman] would be great on the same ticket." Why didn't they just air a UFC promo already?

looks like mma is in someones head lol

Lions Cub, correct.

I could care less. Kellerman is just buttering up to the MMA crowd to get a job with the UFC.

lol at Lampley.

um, that would be "hear"...

and can somebody please put harold lederman down before he goes
catatonic in the ring... for crying out loud... the man cant even string
two sentences together inside of a minute...