Did Vince just Kansas City Shuffle us?

"When everyone else moves right, you move left."

1) A couple months ago, Vinnie Mac "banned" the term pro wrestling and turned it into an action-sport drama. Do you guys think all that was a ruse for this whole Punk thing to catch us off guard? Or do you think this is simply just an angle that happened to increase viewership and they'll go right back to PG TV?

2) We've had the Atitude Era, Entertainment Era, PG Era. Suppose this is a new era of WWE... give it a name based off what you've seen. "Shoot Era"?

Ice cream bar era.

Maybe they should just call it quits, since there's no possible way they're going to top last night's show.

Bill Watts took over WCW once upon a time.

Banned moves from the top rope.

Everyone (talent AND fans) revolted before he got the chance to shuffle the fans with the move.

See, I say no top rope.

Then, suddenly guys are using the top rope and it matters, it's exciting and it means more than it ever did.


Watts was a genius. Phone Post

I think WWE has grown smart to the Net Smarks. Honestly, this is what, the second or third internet swerve that they've pulled?

First I can remember was Daniel Bryan being "fired." He got over more with that than he ever could have even if he had been made the winner of NXT.

Second, perhaps, the first "firing" of John Cena, and the use of "Juan" Cena. A few house shows, and some internet chat, and bam, they had people talking.

Now, Punk with the title. Honestly, do you think that VKM would have even put CM Punk in a main event if he HADN'T worked out some sort of deal? Fuck no. He woulda put Punk in MITB match, and had him not win.

Has WWE finally gotten smarter than the Net Smarks?

Maybe the WWE has finally found a way to contain the leaks. So they can actually run a big angle without it getting out on the net first.

Chocolate Shatner - First I can remember was Daniel Bryan being "fired." He got over more with that than he ever could have even if he had been made the winner of NXT.

So wait - the whole Daniel Bryan thing getting fired was a work? They had him intentionally go out and choke the ring announcer (don't remember his name) so they could fire him, only to bring him back at Survivor Series?

I always thought getting fired turned hugely favorable for Daniel Bryan, but had never heard the whole thing was a work.

Wiggy, he used a tie for a small part, and that was a small part of an overall piece. Honestly, his firing I think was worked, at a very high level.

After all, we've seen higher levels of violence, with chokes, hits, etc, and little to no reaction for the star afterwards, yet a single act by Bryan gets him fired so quickly?

Sorry, but the whole thing smelled of work.

His firing was a work.

The deal was paint WWE evil since Bryan was the IWC God.

It worked.

Bryan went and worked NYWC and Evolve shows to fans gleefully cheering his return to indies as if they were "sticking it to the man".

Only it ended up like those ECW fans after finding out Vince funded their counterculture rebellion.

Raven said the smartest fans are the easiest to work and it's true. Phone Post