Did Wanderlei Laugh at Arona???

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I read alot about Matt Hughes the big Christian laughing at GSP when he lost, but I saw this image on mmaweekly. Silva is supposed to be a big Christian as well, but is he laughing at Arona getting KO'ed here??

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Did we need any proof? He admittedly is one.

"No, really. I swear. Her pussy was like wizard's sleeve."

Sak looks like he has other things on his mind there.

poor guy. "

He was about to break down and cry when he was giving his speech. The man loved his org truly and the fighters respected him genuinely. He will be missed.

wandy looks like hes having a good time.. probably telling a joke or something..

I think Wand would be more than justified after Arona screamed in his face when he beat him by decision. You guys remember that?

Plus Arona is quite boring and not very popular with the fans, so no one cares.

A+ for sleeve of wizard