Did we just watch a mental breakdown on live tv?


Eddie just lost it…(crying) “is this what you wanted? Is this what you wanted to see? You put me in a steel cage; I don’t know what to do in here anymore”

That was tough to watch…and I guess they apparently took the guy out on a stretcher and he was torn up about that too

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Context homie… Help me understand.


I hate to say this, but Eddie hasn’t seemed so hot in recent interviews I’ve watched.

Guy has been in a lot of wars, at some point it starts to catch up with you. I hope he is alright, especially a decade from now.


Eddie Alvarez’s post fight interview tonight was rough…looked like a mental breakdown in progress; kept getting more and more emotional until he questioned even being in the cage…it was tough to watch

The took him out on a stretcher? Lmao must have been from the hammer fists not the back of the head shots

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Sounds like Rory MacDonald’s post fight interview where he said he didn’t want to hurt people anymore

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I only saw one questionable shot at the end. The rest did not land on the Mohawk.

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Assuming Eddie won? Tough to tell from the thread so far.

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I’m just hoping we see Eddie back in there again soon … Sage Northcutt is fighting Shinya Aoki in a couple weeks, so–assuming the winner gets a title shot–the loser would make a good next opponent for Eddie, especially if it’s Aoki … That’s a trilogy I don’t think anyone would be upset to see …


Na he got DQ’ed for hitting the other guy in the back of the head after the ref said stop it and he kept doing it. Ref gave him a red card and fight was over.

They tried to do a post fight and Eddie broke down saying he didn’t do anything wrong, and what do you expect of him when you put him in a cage. He is there to fight and it’s the refs job to stop him from doing illegal things. It was weird. He was emotional about doing nothing wrong and also emotional about the health of the guy he just fucked up.

Odd he was almost crying


Thanks for that description I was unaware that ONE was even on last night

I think he was just frustrated at the situation. He’s fought a total of 3 times since leaving the UFC about 3 years ago, his first fight in like 20 months, and it ended in a minute because dude turned his head away from the punches, so instead of getting hit in the side of the head, they landed to the back of the head. I mean…how many times ever has a guy been DQ’d for hitting a guy in the back of the head when they’re face to face?

I think Eddie was just super frustrated about how his career has gone as of late. In just under 4 years with the UFC, he fought 8 times. Since then he’s only fought 3 times in the last 3 years. He’s 37, knows his career is winding down, wanted to win another belt to add to his legacy, has been on the sidelines longer than he’d like, and it gets stopped for what he likely felt was a bullshit DQ a minute in. He was upset and the emotion came pouring out.

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Eddie is an emotional fighter. I you all recall, Conor really used that to his advantage and dismantled him.

Eddie had a mic in his face in the heat of the moment, post disqualification. For an emotional person, not a good time to be interviewed. He will be just fine.

Maybe, but Eddie has always been a bit like that.

I remember years ago, when Eddie was leaving Bellator and going to UFC, Helwani had him on his show. Helwani asked him how much are you going to make now you are in UFC.

Eddie replied, uncertain, ‘Can I even say that’. ‘Can I say how much I make?’ Asking Helwani if he was allowed to say it. Helwani replied with - ‘you can say whatever you want’.

Was a bit odd.

Are you saying UFC is a well run, professional organization that provides fighters with amazing opportunities to fight on a big stage on a consistent basis?

That’s weird, I alsays hear crying about how monstrously evil and abusive they are from every faggot dork on here.


Not super odd.

I recall he had a good deal akin to his bellator money or something and was paid much more than a lot of UFC guys so people were bitter about that. Don’t blame Eddie for hesitating to rub that in.

As for Ariel, he knew that I’m sure and would have loved nothing more than to get Eddie blabbing so he could just cause shit.


Yes, though, I just meant Eddie seemed to lack confidence in his answer. He was unassertive, and unsure. Not in command.

Eddie was robbed. That was a bad call.

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Most all of those shots were to the side of the neck and even when the guy turned his head it was still the side of his neck.

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