Did we just watch a mental breakdown on live tv?

Interview was tough to watch. Don’t blame him for feeling frustrated and he’s always been emotional, as guys have already mentioned. Just hard not to be empathetic when he’s that upset.
Sucks for him too because it looked like Lapicus had nothing for him in the early going and it was only a matter of time before Eddie got his hand raised. I’m not a fan of someone turning their head to show the back of the head as a way to try and stop getting punched as opposed to instead trying to block or scramble to a better position. But maybe that’s just me

Very strange fight, absolutely love Eddie as a fighter. Met him once, he went way out of his way to say hello and hang for a while. just a great dude, class act.

Probably shaken up by not just fight end, but life in general. I don’t think his hometown is too cool these days, may be wrong. Lot of people are rattled at baseline right now. Think he will be fine.

I’m a huge fan of Alvarez for years BUT I just rewatched the whole fight and interview again on Youtube. Last night I really felt that the ref made a bad call BUT after rewatching it from different angles Eddie was clearly hitting the back of head and neck illegally. And for those saying those punches don’t hurt rewatch the power he was being hot with.

You turn your head, your problem. Piss poor job from ref. You have to engage. You turn away and that’s not a viable defense. Mma is so pathetic sometimes. In boxing the guy Eddie fought would’ve been told tough shit, your problem.

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Eddie never really talked shit about the UFC, other than saying you don’t HAVE to fight there to make money and showcase your skills. Eddie was basically the poster boy for several competitors to the UFC throughout his career. I can’t remember anyone else who fought for Bodog…I’m sure I could if forced to come up with a few names, but Eddie was their guy. He was the main event every time he fought there. Same with the early Bellator shows…he was the guy. Won the Dream LW grand prix, it goes on and on.

He was always the guy that was talked about as “I bet he could be a UFC champ if he fought there” and then he did, and ended up winning the belt. Then he got big $ to go to One, looked to be on track to be in a similar role to what he did for Bellator…go beat up some tough guys that haven’t broken through yet, get american fans paying attention to a show other than the UFC…and he gets stopped in his first fight by a guy nobody had heard of…then he gets a quick win, and the pandemic hit and he’s sitting on the sidelines. When he left the UFC, there was no chance in his mind he would have 1 win in the next 3 years.

As others have said above, he’s an emotional guy. Some dudes are like Ben Askren…if they lose, they take it well and don’t get too broken up about it. When Eddie lost to Conor, he was destroyed…his interviews after the fact made it obvious how much he cared, and how upset he gets when he loses. So after the long layoff to have such a disappointing ending to a fight that was so quick…yeah, he’ll be upset.

To your original point…yeah, the UFC is well run and let him fight as often as he wanted. One doesn’t have as many shows, and had to deal with the pandemic.

This. If you think about it… when is the last time a guy got disqualified for a shot to the back of the head at all? I can’t remember the last time this has happened. The fight was completely insane to me. From the ref stopping it, to the guy saying he couldn’t continue, it was just weird. These were standard hammerfists that guys land on the ground all the time. If your opponent turns his head, how is that your fault? He was saying just that, but also wanted to make sure his opponent was okay. I think when he said “what am I supposed to do in here”, it pretty much summed up how he felt. He was frustrated, deflated, demoralized, and disappointed. He will be fine.

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