Did you ever used to go to Bestbuy just to look

at all the exciting new technology and video games and such?

In the 90s and early 2000s we used to go there all the time just fucking off.

Hell one time we drove from Birmingham to Huntsville one day to get some computer shit.

Now Circuit City is gone and I dont think I've been in a Bestbuy in over a year or two. There's one in a shopping center next to my go-to bookstore and sporting goods store and I never even think of going in.


I would say 2/3 times i go to best buy I usually just look around.

Sometimes I have mild intentions to buy something but back out, and still check out the whole store.

I like to see what dvd box sets they have, what kind of sales, consider buying one and usually don't.

I like to check out headphones, the TVs, computers, tablets and all that shit.

Adult toy store

Circuit City was great in its heyday.

Maybe my family is just technologied out.

We have an iMac, laptop, iphones, ipads, nexus tablets, 3 flatscreens, surround sound, etc.

we stopped buying dvds and cds completely.

I miss the hell out of CompUSA though

I would go all the time. If also go to Frys all the time.

Now Best Buy is always empty and super depressing. Frys is not so bad but not nearly as busy as it used to be. Phone Post 3.0

BillyRayChubbs - 

Adult toy store

The adult toy store here only sells jorts and dildos


Huge frys electronics I would spend hours in. Phone Post 3.0

I too used to go all the time. I stopped going when I had to put up with 20 people asking me if I needed help every visit along with the Direct TV person wandering the store harassing people to try to sign up for Direct TV.

I used to go all the time as a kid. Loved that store and would tell my parents I wanted to work there when I was older lmao. My parents were probably praying daily that I never ended up there Phone Post 3.0

Still do Phone Post 3.0

Circutcity.com is going to put Best Buy out of business by the 3rd quarter of 2015.