I was a young salesman sent to my 1st trade show in Atlanta.
Ran into a customer at the hotel bar and started having drinks.

This was NOT my customer but he was a very good customer of the company

I texted my boss and he said to “take care of him”

Long story short we were kicked out of the strip club forgetting completely naked with the 2 strippers in the back room.

(I have zero recollection… have to go by the customers word)

Anyway. I got back to the office with a $3000 usd stripper bill and expensed it.

About 2 weeks later we had a staff meeting

No one knew what it was about

This is what was played on the big screen



Ees normal!

Which chip n dails location?


Did you watch the video?

It’s quite good

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Spelling is a let down, but the effort is there.

Did you expense the lap dance?

You’re god damned right I did

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I think it was called cheetah

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Cheetah’s is appropriately sleazy.

I’m a low life, so I’m more of a Palomino Club kind of guy.

Yes. But it just looked like a team dinner at a normal steakhouse resteraunt on the reciept.


I know a guy who moved to Palo Alto a few years back. His company invented some product to revolutionize trucking logistics technology.

Anyway, they were killing it. Millions in venture capital money, getting massive exposure. Then the CFO was caught using VC money at strip clubs. Something like 325k over a one-year period. Basically shut down the company. Saw my buddy a few weeks ago randomly and I knew better than to bring it up.

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I wonder if the strippers who were hooking on the side took strip club play money.

I’ve done it, paid for a hooker with my business card in Amsterdam when I was fucked up. My regular bank card had hit its limit for the day so I started using my business one.

Edit also she ripped me off. Supposed to be 50 euro and she charged me 500 and and I didn’t notice.

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Customer didn’t wanna tell you the truth.

But you actually ate out his balloon knot while both of the strippers double pegged you. Yikes.

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If true, great management.

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It’s actually referred to as the wolf of wall Street day by me and my buddy. We’d been in lockdown 5.5 months and said fuck it lets go to Amsterdam. Crazy day, lots of drugs, booze and hookers.

Probably the best day ever.

How were the strippers.

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Good. Belgium has good strippers too. And some horrible ones as well.

How many here watched the video in the OP?

that’s the best part