Did you have a sweet BMX bike as a kid?

Was riding a friends bike that had pedals like that. The chain popped and the peddles spun around and scraped down the back of my ankle. Pretty sure the scar is still there

Hutch Pro Raider

Yup, when I wrecked going down my hill those bastards took a chunk out of my ankle down to the bone. Still got the scar, bout the diameter of a quarter.

Moxie BMX blue and yellow just like this one.

It’s a smart decision.

I now ride E-Bikes. Have two Kenevos and a Levo MTB. Waiting on my Comencal. Mountain biking is a blast but I broke my collar bone (surgery), jacked up my wrist and tore some abdominal muscles all within the last 2 1/2 years. One of my buds ruptured his spleen, collapsed his lung & broke his ribs on two separate cashes within the last year and a half. Tons of my riding buddies have broken shit and ended up in surgery after hitting jumps and drops ranging from 5-40 feet.

We are all in the 35-55 years range. I’m 50.

On the other hand, you have some amazing riding up in Canada. Thought all you Canook’s rode whistler.





This helped!

Holy shit Dan’s Comp. Omfg. I think every dime I had that didn’t go to the bike went to Dan’s competition for clothes.

I had a redline. My friends had GT Dynos and Haros

Had the same bike, and then a GT compe with orange skyway mags…

That GT was the shit, until the ACS rotor was installed. Never worked properly, couldn’t get good braking pressure after…

Just bought my 6 year old a little redline, and he’s on it all day…

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Oh shit, some of you are way younger than others. I had every bmx mag too but probably 15+ yrs earlier than you

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Anybody remember Boss BMX?

I’ve had a bunch. I still have a 1983ish Mongoose. It doesn’t have the circle bracket up front so I’m not sure what model. I have no clue if it’s worth nothing or big dollars. I want to sell it but no clue how. The frame, forks and handlebars are original but most else I upgraded.

What’s the best one to buy for an adult these days?

My 7 year old is getting into it and I want to get one too, so we can shred at the track together.

I’m 6’3” 185lbs so probably need a big frame, is that 21”?

I love the color scheme of the second bike you posted. My childhood Mongoose was like that. The deep blue frame and then chrome and black in all the same places with the parts.

I do, I think. Were they on the scene in 90-91? “Mid School” era?

Thanks man. I want no part of all those injuries. I’m in the U.S. by the way. You are right that I’m Canadian but I’ve been stateside 15 years.

The one thing I like to do other than the absolute safest riding in the street is to ride on an undulating, winding, dirt path. Nothing too crazy but I don’t mind if there are some challenges on the path. Doesn’t have to be through the woods but the woods are awesome.


Raced the track in hyannis as a kid. When those gates dropped, it was on!

Mine was like this but black and silver.

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I hope you did daring and dangerous tricks.