Did you have a sweet BMX bike as a kid?

Fuck Yeah Bro!!

Had a GT interceptor


My buddy and his lil bro had mongooses ( mongeese) like this. However, at the time we had moved on to mountain biking so the BMXs were considered lame and literally reserved for ghost riding into my buddies little brother .

I remember his dad shitting on us for a) hurting the lil bro
B) trashing such quality , expensive bikes.

We laughed in his face when he told us mongoose was an awesome brand
.( Massively spoiled punks)

They had 1 gear, these things were useless to us in the hills

It is a proven fact that the blue tires were the fastest of the colors.

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It was kind of the same scenario for me. I rode a generic BMX bike, i believe it was a Murray, that my Dad bought me used at the flea market when i was in the 4th grade throughout my whole childhood. Pretty much stayed on that thing all the time. When i was 14 and in the 8th grade my much older sister that had gotten a promotion bought me a brand new Free Spirit 10 speed mountain bike for Christmas. I suddenly had the nicest bike in the neighborhood but i don’t think i ever rode it more than ten times. We were all getting ready to enter high school at that point and no one wanted to be seen on a bicycle anymore. I wish i would have gotten it several years earlier.

I had a TANK of a Murry cruiser for a while (this bike was HEAVY…lol). This was from just before Murray made good bikes for a while the first time (think from just before Shelby Hays rode for them back in the day).
Then I had a Mongoose Decade for years.
Bought an old (maybe mid '80s?) GT Pro Series via the classified ads, but sold it after a few weeks.

We tried huge jumps, I usually crashed and got bloodied up. My older friends would come over and laugh, which made me cry, but I had to straighten the handle bars and catch back up to my friends.

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hand me down lotus mx

i remember it being an 83 model because one day i was fucking around in the parking lot of kmart and some old hippy out of nowhere was like “hey, that’s my fucking bike!” and literally chased me around

someone intervened and the guy had the cops called. it eventually worked out that they could check the serial number and proved mine was from a different year than he said his was

crazy looking back because these days it would have been a massive thing with parents involved and all kinds of procedural shit. back then, one cop showed up, nobody had a camera of any kind, and the dispatch lady literally called information to get the number to the bike distributor for the cop, who called on kmart’s phone.

fuck that hippy. he never apologized, either

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looked about like this one only it had foam on the top bar

I had a Mongoose Californian and Haro Master. I also subscribed to BMX Plus for years and loved that magazine.

I still have these bikes in my parents’ garage. Will 20” bikes safely hold full size adult men? I’m 5’11” and weigh around 185lbs…I wouldn’t mind riding these bikes around with my kid!

You’ll be totally fine. The part of you that’s still 12 years old will be gleeful.


I had one bike as a kid. In 1980 my parents bought me a Schwinn. Phantom I believe. It was too big for me so I grew into it. After 5th grade I rode motorcycles and skateboards so my bike stayed in the shed.

I wiish I knew what happened to that bike. It was an expensive BMX in 1980, I bet it’s worth a pretty penny to collectors now

It was a scrambler. This is one I found I Google. image

Local bird nerd catches turd stealing some kid’s bmx outside of a restaurant. High-ish speed scooter/bmx chase ensues.

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GT Fueler

Still have it & pearl it around the neighborhood.


Always wanted a Supergoose. That Redline near the top is clean too.

I love this thread. I need to pump up my tires and ride my Standard BMX bike.

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BMX was my identity growing up. It was life. I had many sick bikes.

Do you still ride BMX at all?

No… I stopped when I was 18ish. Weed and drugs moved up in priority, riding my bike went down until I stopped.

But, we were hardcore. Very into it from about 12 to 18ish. I mean, every day we were at the jumps, building jumps, at the skate parks at night to avoid cops, etc. We probably maintained 5 sets of dirt jumps in our area, I think 3 of the complexes still exist today. We had a park in my buddies front yard. Spine jump, box jump, quarter pipe l, and a short rhythm section. If the weather was bad we’d watch BMX videos all day. We went to the few comps, rode street, dirt, very, flatland, you name it. Those were the days.


Cool man. Did you guys race?

pretty sure this was mine:

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