Did you vote in my poll?

 Mr. Harris,

I was wondering if you voted in my poll:


and if so, what was your answer and why?


Yes, I voted. I said, The GI student will win 0-10% of the time.

My reasons are simple:

No gi grappling applies MORE to gi grappling than gi grappling applies to no gi. In other words, the difference is in the grip.

"Exclusive" gi grapplers are dependent upon the cloth to make their techniques work. Their grip is more in the form of a fist.

No gi grapplers predominantly use the grips from wrestling (e.g. Gable, full, half, quarter, chain, monkey, claw, etc...). In other words, their grip is more in the form of a hook. Additionally, no gi grapplers rarely use a fist like grip for extended period of time - unless of course they have Popeye like forearms and Lumberjack like grips.

Roy Harris