Didn't see any posts about da hilarious disclaimer

Didn't anyone see the disclaimer? LMAO Phone Post


Don't know how to post direct link to thread.


what the hell are u talking about?

The disclaimer that this thread would be a huge letdown?  No I didn't see it, wish I would have, though,

Anyone who spells uses the fake word "da" should be culled.


The one right before UFC on Fox? I forgot what it said. Phone Post

Retarded thread Phone Post

I know what he is talking about...it said something like 'warning this is the most exciting thing your ever going to see' ...something along those lines Phone Post

I saw it. Had a brief chuckle then promptly forgot about it. Definitely not worth its own thread. Phone Post

 Was it the same as this?


this is from the first ufc on fox.

Yeah I saw it. Had to read it twice to make sure I had it right.

It was worth a chuckle.

Too bad all three fights were duds.