Didn't see the game, but....

I was disappointed to see that the Nets lost after seeing that Vince Carter AND Richard Jefferson BOTH finished with 33 pts, 7 boards, and 5 assists. Jason Kidd was also his usual well rounded self in the stat column.

How was the game to those who saw it? I see the Nets lost by just a point. How was the officiating, was there any controversial ending?


no, the nets had a chance to get one last shot, it was obviously going to VC and DWade stole it and threw the ball into the stands.

Great night of basketball.

Krstic was invisible.

Anyone could tell you that the Nets aren't going anywhere with Krstic as their only big guy, supported by the likes of Collins and Cliffy. Their bigs outside of Krstic are terrible.

Yeah, but Krstic surprised the hell out of me this season.

VC was awesome in the playoffs.