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It would have been much better if they just stuck to the facts and their findings. They go off the deep end with some of the conspiracy theory stuff halfway through that would turn off people sitting on the fence about this

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What part? I didn’t hear any conspiracies. They show many examples of the white fiber blot clots which are unprecedented.

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This is insane

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tin foil hat conspiracy.
lord fauci wouldn’t lie.

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I just watched that whole fucking documentary. Whether you are for the shot ot not, it’s a well put together documentary. They pulled bloodclots out of dead bodies. One of the bloodclots was so bad, when he pulled it out, it was like a firehose of blood and gunk blasted the mortician. That was wild.

I’m glad I didn’t take the shot.

I don’t even think covid is real. It’s hard for me to believe it because I never got sick. I don’t know anyone who did.

Towards the end, they had a counter saying 68% of the world’s population took the shot.

If this is true, the world is going to be an empty place by 2030.

That red head doctor with the huge rack was hot. I like big voluptuous women like her. She was a 200lber but she carried it well.


I feel the same. But I know a few people that “tested” positive for Covid but they said it was basically a flu feeling . I never got tested but I was around the same people and felt drowsy/cold symptoms for a few days.

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I didn’t get the clot shot but had Covid. It felt like a “weird” flu for a week. I had symptoms like fever (103 something), very low energy levels, drenched night sweats, strange fever dreams, cough, and the worst razor blade when swallowing sore throat I’ve ever had. It also was weird in that I would seem to be getting better then get worse again for a few days in a row. It also just felt slightly different from a flu in a subjective way…just an overall weird, off feeling. Maybe because it was a virus bioengineered in a lab in China and not something naturally occurring.

Having said that, it lasted about a week and that was it and I’ve been fine since. I haven’t yet had it again a year later despite being around people who came down with it. I never felt like I was going to need medical attention other than tylenol and similar. It was nothing to shut society down for.

I think Covid is a real, respiratory, flu like illness that was tweaked in a lab at a minumum. But I think the vaccines are absolute garbage - ineffective and unsafe relative to any other vaccines that have ever been widely rolled out. They should be pulled from the market imo.


I have to thank you, sincerely, for making the world a better place by announcing every stupid thought that is running around your tiny little brain out loud and letting everyone else know what a fucking imbecile you are. It let’s everyone know you are definitely stupid instead of just letting them wonder about it.

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Haha. Zing!

Have you watched the documentary? Are you jabbed?

Interesting. Did you lose your sense of smell like people say?

I guarantee he hasn’t watched it and has had at least 4 shots.

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Have yet to watch it but it’s already gotten millions of views.

I prefer when they focus on their findings, not specifically in regards to this documentary but in general.

The speculation is interesting but it sometimes serves as fodder for the trolls.

Don’t bother, his entire reason for being here is to troll.

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Nope - sense of smell and taste were fine. But I think it legitimately was Covid. I had to get tested weekly by my employer for 30+ weeks (tests were completed at home) because I was unvaccinated. They were all negative except the week I had Covid, when the test was positive. My kid also tested positive with a home test and PCR test the same week. Covid for him was a breeze though - he sneezed and had a runny nose for about an hour and then was absolutely fine. He was and remains unvaccinated for Covid.

But let’s vaccinate all children 6 months and older with these garbage vaccines!

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