Diego Brandao vs. Katsunori Kikuno

Up next... I got Brandao 

I got Brandoa too but to be fair I never heard of the other dude Phone Post 3.0

Hoping Kikuno pulls this off but I'd be surprised.

Diego tko 4.34 round 1 Phone Post 3.0



ho lee f*ck

Wow. Brandao via sodomy. Phone Post 3.0

Boom! Phone Post 3.0

doerksenfan - Wow. Brandao via sodomy. Phone Post 3.0
Yeah that was real rapey Phone Post 3.0

Chin was so high it looked like he was staring at the cheap seats. Phone Post 3.0

The stoppage was a bit premature but solid win Phone Post 3.0

I thought the wild vs wild styles would give kukino a chance

guess not, dude needs to learn to put his hands up or hang it up

TryhardNobody - Bang ding pow

What's his Cousin have to do with this? Phone Post

Diego beat dennis Bermudez in the Ultimate Fighter season 14 finale, let's see a rematch! Their first fight was epic, diego was rocked and about to get finished, but he pulled of a sick armbar from bottom to get the win.

boxy - Not sure about that stoppage. He was covering up and standing up... did he go limp?

I think the Ref didn't want a death on his,hands. Phone Post

I haz a sad