Diego deserves redemption and a retirement fight

The guy has fought and performed consistently for the UFC for what? The last 16 years? That’s an insane time to be in the top mma league ever.

Diego Sanchez Vs. Nick Diaz 170

Diego Sanchez Vs. Robbie Lawler 170

Diego Sanchez Vs. Tony Ferguson @ 155

What do you guys think? Post fabia I think Diego has earned the right for one more fight. Lots of great legends that like to scrap for him to be matched with.


It would be a good retirement if Dana was willing to give him a 1 fight deal for Cowboy.


He won`t get it unless he asked Dana personally.Dana has a soft spot for TUF 1 Alumni.


I agree with Cowboy vs Diego. It’s the obvious fight to make.

There are all sorts of questions about Diego’s health, who is he hanging around right now, what’s the drug situation, … are we doing Diego a favour by giving him a fight? Bigger: what’s the path forward?

I can understand why the UFC probably wants to walk away. Those are tough questions. But there’s also value in loyalty. I don’t think it’s right to just scrub your hands and say fuck that guy about someone you’ve had a mostly-good work relationship with for 20 years.

One of the positive takeaways from this whole Diego-Fabia debacle: people here seem to be wildly supportive of Diego, people want to see a good ending for that guy. Is it wrong to say that Diego’s almost universally well-liked, even though his misgivings are well-known? I hope that’s enough to get things going down a good path (I wanted to say “back on track”, but I don’t think we’re getting things back to the way they were).


He’s definitely universally loved as a fighter. We all poke fun at his odd shenanigans and demeanor but I don’t think there’s an MMA fan out there who doesn’t live his fights. He’s gotta be the longest tenured guy on the roster at this point as well.

The UFC should give him any retirement fight he wants as long as he doesn’t have that leach at his side anymore. Cowboy or Nick Diaz would be great.


as much as I want this to all end well, throwing him to Cerrone so he can get his head kicked off might be a bit much.

Personally you can forgive him for saying the UFC wants to kill him etc.

But what loyalty does the UFC owe him? Perhaps they did before but loyalty runs both ways and publicly accusing Dana and Shelby of cheating on their wives with female fighters kinda throws that out the window.


I think Nick Diaz has been on longer.

dude can’t afford any more CTE


Diego vs. Phil Baroni under the McGregor sports and entertainment banner.


Sign Fabia for a one off fight and let Diego fight him.
They fight on national television or they fuck. Win win boys.
Profit. No homo




But did he or did Fabia? Obviously, Fabia was manipulating him. A public apology and retraction from Diego would go a long way. Let’s face it: Diego may be a crazy lunatic, but we as fans owe that dude for all the memories and great fights. He is a warrior, and we should honor that

Diego deserves a UFC job for life. Maybe he could help run the performance institute.

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They should hire him and use him as the pump you up guy AKA Burt Watson

Teach everyone in the UFC the death punch and spiny reverse Guillermo-tine death choke? Do you want the NSAC begging LITERALLY EVERYONE to be a gentleman and throw fights so they don’t kill someone?

I think mike perry would be a great match up

An yes Diego deserves a proper farewell

Agreed, definitely farewell cowboy fight, maybe headline the TUF finally

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I like the Diego vs Cerrone plan and also give him 1 round vs Fabia just so we can watch Diego whoop him

Diego got paid his full pay with win bonus for his last fight. He was rewarded and deserves nothing more. If anything he should be punished for ducking his match with Cerrone. Quit putting this retarded goof on a pedestal.