Diego , Diego , Diego “It’s a Greedy Organization”

“There’s no reason to hold a grudge,” Sanchez said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “A grudge will only kill you, a grudge will only hurt you, a grudge will only put you in the chains in the shackles of hatred and that isn’t Diego Sanchez’s positive energy. I have no resentment over what has happened and transpired at the end of my career in the UFC. With that being said, I do think there are a lot of things that can be improved in the UFC that they aren’t putting effort into improving.
“It’s just a business, and it’s just about money. Fighting is a different sport as combat is where people get injured and bleed and sacrifice their bodies for the entertainment of the fans and the building of the company,” Sanchez continued. “With that being said, this ain’t some normal business, you need to give some care and some love… I just let it go and I’m happy and grateful to be in a new organization that values me and recognizes me for the legend that I am even if it is a pay cut, it’s about the values.”

The talk off fighter pay, or a lack there of, has been a major topic over the past year. Reports have surfaced that the UFC is paying less than 20 percent of it’s revenue to fighters.

For Diego Sanchez, those figures don’t come as a surprise as he says the UFC and the people running it are greedy. He also thinks the promotion would rather go under then pay fighters 50% of the revenue like the other pro sports.

“I don’t see it changing, I see it going under before it changes, I see something newer and better that takes it out or it goes bankrupt. In the end, UFC they have done a great job of expanding the sport but it’s a greedy organization,” Sanchez said. “How many billions do you have to get before you start paying the fighters more than 10 percent of the revenue? You have the NFL and the NBA are getting paid 50, other sports are getting paid 60%, UFC isn’t paying fighters. We are the fighters that get f****d up and they just throw you out like old trash.”

I am so tired of fighters saying they fight for the fans entertainment. No, you dont. You fight for money. Stop trying to seem noble and self sacriicing.


Thats refreshing , Im agreeing with Mr Sofa on this one


No doubt that they are greedy sumbitches,but rather go out of business?


A business who’s #1 concern is making as much money as possible? I cant believe it! What a crazy idea!


Que NBA , NHL , MLB , MLS etc. They all want to make the big dinero too. Whats your point ? You seem to have many.

I agree. You can’t have both.

Football and some other sports are just as hard on the body as fighting.

Many jobs are extremely hard on the body.

You made a lot of money being a crazy person, Diego, it isn’t the UFCs fault you wasted it or their fault you turned into Fabios little bitch and ruined the end of your career.

It’s not entirely true. Sure, for many, but there are most definitely fighters who are simply addicted to that feeling of winning and especially the attention which comes from it (i.e. the fans/fanfare).

Yes Before the Pros , Fighting is a gene . DNA , a love to battle from an early age


Think of Chocolate Al; he’s a great example of someone who definitely loved the fans attention and who was clearly addicted to the feeling of winning and the crowd’s appreciation.

Chuck Liddell Sport GIF by UFC

BJ Penn is another good example. He clearly didn’t need the money and likely didn’t even put in the time he should have into training/conditioning, but when it came to performing for the fans, it seemed like he was there for that to a large degree.

gum bj penn GIF
^BJ working hard[ly] on his conditioning. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why are you pressong me for what my point is? You dont say that to anyone else. I never addressed you here, but whatever. If you cant figure out sarcasm and what my point is on your own, then you wouldnt understand my answer.

Diego acts like a jackass at the end of his career, threatening to sue. He should be grateful they paid him and sent him on his way. Dude is washed up.


I have quite a different take.

Diego gave us years of great fights and put his brain cells on the line for our entertainment, like him or not. He’s earned his right to an opinion, and I’m not going to hate on him for it.

Diego was one of those guys the UFC would have done anything for, one of their home-grown own. He really fucked up with his commitment to that creepy fuck Favia or whatever his name was.

I agree, he can have an opinion, but it’s not like he didn’t choose his career there are many ways to entertain if that’s your thing. The UFC was generous in paying him when he was busy trying to set up a lawsuit. Proving his value, he states he took a pay cut to continue fighting.

I did appreciate his warrior spirit, before the wheels fell off for him, his later fights were not fun.


Boom, exactly

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Diego and I were never friends

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