Diego from Knuckle Up vs MonkeyBoy

What needs to be done to see Diego fight the skinny hairy guy that he already beat in Jiu-Jitsu, at that 155 lbs tournament in Atlanta? The guy is only 1-1 and DIEGO ALREADY BEAT HIM!!! Can anybody help me out?

ttt for Knuckle Up lolz

Contact David Oblas

His contact info is all over the thread and several others.
He is the promoter for the tourny

He seems to be the one avoiding this fight as the first fight in the tournament when at first, that was the only way Monkey boy would be able to get into it. Diego's got twice as many fights. He should be able to Waltz through that cat. Wierd!!!

Plus, Monkey Boy trains in Columbus, GA! Who the hell is in Columbus, GA? No Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts, nobody that can box worth a crap, no decent wrestlers, no kickboxing school, no Judo guys.....NOTHING!! Well, wait. Theres a couple slap boxers that are pretty good I hear. But that's about it!

funny, nice troll, not biting

Not trolling, just want to see a "good" fight! Objections to that?


Contact the promoter.

Who is monkey boy?

By fighting monkey boy, how would it help the career path for Diego?

All paths lead to the UFC/Pride. Why not get there with one more win?