Diego needs the Nightmare!

 Here is my latest article on Diego and why he needs to go back to being the Nightmare. 

Here is a paragraph, if you like it click the link for the rest. 

" Diego recently spoke about how he was partying too much and wasn’t putting the time in that is required at this level of competition. I think this speaks directly to his outlook on life. Sanchez once explained how his nickname was due to the Nightmare he was going to put his opponents through the fear of getting exhausted from the pace he was going to put on them. He would train so hard that he would never get tired. I think that was really the Nightmare he spoke of. His training life was literally putting himself through hell to be in the shape needed to make his opponents live fear he once had. The fear of being gassed in a fight. Now compare that to his new outlook on life, that he is living the Dream. Truth is, living the Dream was ruining his career. He had fame, money, traveled the world and did was doing what he loved, fighting. To most, THAT is living the Dream, the insane training sounded more like the Nightmare. If perception is reality, the reality is  Sanchez is going to need more than what “living the Dream” has to offer if he wants to beat aJuggernaut."





My Old Name Is Not Allowed - Something about reading that didn't feel professional. I'm not a writer, So I probably wouldn't have done much better, but that just has the feel of a high school book report.

 I am far from a "writer", I do fan perspective opinion pieces. So I have no doubt it doesn't look like typical "I am smart see the big words and super smart writing skills." Just a fan who is lucky enough to have a platform to voice my views and those from here on the UG. I also do regular articles dedicated to the UG, it's called "Forum Love". You should check those out too.  

TTT for the Nightmare.

Is he still with saulo? Phone Post

I don't think he is, but I could be mistaken. Phone Post