Diego-Parision on concrete

I love Diego Sanchez, so my post means no dispespect to him. he won an incredible test. But I can't help but wonder what the outcome would be of a street encounter between these two if Diego got Judo thrown on concrete. Some of them throws by that Judo dude were magnifico!

Doubt it u obviously don't understand Judo men. Carl's a Judo man, Judo men cry on the inside, that's a fact. That throw wouldn't have fazed the heat! tyfyt

Carl? Hot Carl?

Damn I thought that throw did big damage to Diego when I watched it live but that gif clearly shows that Karo was the only one who took abuse from it

Still, it was sick

lol at concrete... how about with broken glass and nails

have you seen the pictures Sam Pai posts.....broken glass not to be laughed at!


those Armenians suck on canvas


Very cool GIF. Thanks for doing frame grabs, importing them into
something you can animte with, publishing then linking them. Lots of
work but it makes the forum a lot more entertaining. One reason that sort
of judo hip throw can backfire is that you're giving up a lot of back to get
your hips in position. You really have to have that arm control and split
second execution of Karo's. And then the big chaotic pile up at the end of
the throw with Diego getting the better of the scamble. High risk, low
percentage but lots of fun to watch.

Diego did that to Karo. If you watch closely , Diegos excellent hand positioning through the throw with his right hand on karos hip,caused karo to over rotate.

Good eye SteveD. I looked at it and it's clear that Diego has reached
across to the hip making his forearm a bar that he spins/rotates Karo
around his middle at the end of the move

LOL@ Carl

I think Karo went a little to high impact than is neccessary. Against another high level Judo player in a tourney setting, yes you may have to hit the throw with that typle of burst. But against a mma fighter/wrestler, dont need to as much and negates the effects of the throw imo

i dont think it felt too good for sanchez either...

he never knew what hit him...if you train judo you know what i mean...it happens to all of us...



On concrete, the cops would've broke it up.

Funny shit!^^^

stupid. who cares?