Diego Pro Membership Bet

ok, let's try this again. Diego Sanchez is going to beat Koscheck tomorrow night.

I take Diego, is anyone brave enough to take Koscheck?

If Diego wins, you buy me a Pro Membership to MMA.tv, payable right after the fight.

If Koscheck wins, I will buy you a Pro Membership to MMA.tv (or renew an existing one) payable right after the fight.

The first guy to post on here and say "I accept the bet" makes it official.

I accept the bait.

Not the bet, the bait.. horrible f*cking thread, is anyone really that stupid?

I think someone will be crazy enough to accept this and put their money behind Kos.

Nobody is willing to bet on Kos?

Hehehe didn't think so.

"how much is a pro membership? "

$23.95 for 13 month`s. (1 month bonus) the last I seen it.

You got it Jack Bauer, we are on!!

Go Diego.

pay up. pay up. jack gets a blue name.

pay up



ttt lol




welcome to blue Jack

congrats Jack!



OK, where's Jack's blue name?