Diego Sanchez on the "YES!", being a wierdo

 When you fought Joe Stevenson and you were walking down to the Octagon, you kept shouting “Yes!” every few feet.  What was that about?

That’s a little Tony Robbins, mental conditioning, getting in the zone.  That’s just me getting my mind ready to go so there’s not a thought in my mind other than me taking out my opponent.  That’s what I was doing...

You’re known as one of the weirder, quirkier characters in MMA.  Does it bother you for people to think you’re strange?

[laughs] Come on, does it bother me?  No way.  I’m me.  I don’t give a shit what anybody thinks.  

Do you think you’re strange?

I’ve always been myself.  From the time I was on the show to now, I’m an open-minded individual.  That’s why people look at me like that.  It’s because unfortunately, we live in a world of close-minded individuals who aren’t open to the real possibilities of reality.  Me, I keep my faith in Jesus Christ and that’s my stronghold, but this is a big universe we live in and there a limitless possibilities.  I keep an open mindset and I bring my confidence and experience into the ring with me and that’s what you see when you watch me.  That’s why now I’m ready for my title shot.

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Maia should have to grapple Sanchez before being allowed to fight for the UFC, let alone the title.



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