Diego Sanchez , The Boxer?

Former Ultimate Fighter winner Diego Sanchez says his fighting career is not over and he is now hinting at a future in the world of boxing.

Sanchez was recently released by the UFC following a disagreement between his former coach/manager Joshua Fabia and the promotion regarding the release of medical documents. The UFC decided to let him go and paid off the final fight of his contract, which was supposed to be a welterweight bout against Donald Cerrone. Sanchez later severed ties with Fabia, but he is still technically a free agent now. There is still the possibility things could work out with the UFC now that Fabia is out of the picture, but more than likely it seems like Sanchez will have to go to another promotion, or perhaps another sport.

This will do wonders for his brain that he was so concerned about


I actually hope he can score a payday with Jake or Logan Paul.

Gonna charge forward with his chin out as always?

Funny how every retired mma fighter wants to box


he is going to get hurt

No sane promoter would allow this. But that’s assuming promoters are sane to begin with.

RememberJosh Koschek (the wrestler) easily outboxed Diego with just a lousy jab. Diego’s boxing is terrible. I’d say it might be only slightly better than Ben Askren’s…


A lot of them wanted to box forever. Just didn’t have the opportunity cuz they were fighting mma (Anderson always wanted to do it for example).

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