Diego Sanchez Would Tool Fedor

I just see him having an all round stronger game. What ever Fedor does Sanchez is that little bit better.

Sanches TKO  2.52 R1 IMO.

The Crack pipe must be full this morning!

Yeah and i got 100's of screen names

bgyuk is correct, whether you admit it or not.

BJ Penn would also tool Fedor.

Man the trolls are runnin wild this morning!!

Don't feed the trolls.

Oh God, my sides are splitting from the laughter!

A good big man will beat a good little man any day

Diego might beat Fedor, but his luck would run out if he fought Rick Flair.......WOOOooooooooooooooo!!


Bob Barker would beat Fedor also IMO. His boxing game is legit.

The price is wrong, beeyotch!

"Manny Reyes tools Fedor also... IMO "

Yeah, just ask Manny.








Biggest fight in MMA history!!!! Make it happen Dana. I truly believe Flair is the only man that will be able to stop sanchez becoming the OW world MMA champ and i'm going to TTT this thread when it happens!!

Didn't Diego train with Fedor ealier this year?

"Didn't Diego train with Fedor ealier this year?"

You really think Fedor could prepare him for Flair? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

i also rank this with pi....very lame, go take a nap, sleep this off

Kid Yamamoto vs Fedor should happen too, imo.

Fedor's just a paper champ, and needs to stop ducking Kid.

(J/K for all the idiots out there.)

Come on DeadReadDread stop trolling and be realistic. Of course guys like Kid Yamamoto and Gomi couldn't take Fedor, because they're too small.

Diego and BJ Penn, on the other hand, would tool him easily, IMO