anybody know the true state of his health.. he had the hep c scare before the kos fight.. then it was said just a bad staph infection.. anyone know what he is doing and if he has a rematch or another fight coming up?

He's a homo, there is your update.

ttt for any real knowledge.. i am not a huge sanchez fan but i do think he is one of the top 10 in his division it would be a shame for his career to be sidelined. this early.. hope he is doing ok and will be back in the octagon soon.... ttt

I had the opp. to ask Greg Jackson at UFC 71 and he said Diego had gotten over the staff and is fine.

staph infection is nothing. i had it about 2 years ago.. sure it looks ugly but it didnt hurt at all. and it clears up in a week if you take antibiotics. what a baby.

doctor gave me antibiotics and told me to put the staph in salt water. it was gone in 6 days, never hurt at all.

"staph infection is nothing" - not true

Diego is a strange cat but can't deny that he's a threat to any 170 pounder. Loved to see a matchup with GSP.

Mr. York, you must have had a light case....the average person with a staph infection feels like they have food poisoning...this can easily lead to toxic shock syndrome, blood infections, bone infections, heart trouble, pneumonea etc.

i still think his nickname should be "dirty"...

now entering the ring,
Diego "Dirty" Sanchezzzzzzzz!

"i still think his nickname should be "dirty"... "

Moses thought it was a great idea