Diego Saraiva Winning WEF Belt vid

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Wow, 21 views and no ttt for the Champ

Is he a nova uniao bb or gracie?

Not personally versed enough to give 100% answer, but right now he is teaching, training, and fighting at knuckleup out of atl which is a Gracie Barra gym and team, so I would have to imagine Gracie

Neato burrito!!!

I think he was nova uniao just wondering if he is still

I will check with him when we roll on Fri and post his answer

he is a nova uniao black belt. was a black belt when he got to atlanta.

Excellent Jiu-Jitsu very impressive

Thank you Charles for the correct info

Brian, I just ttted another thread where he used BJJ to stop his opponent






Which Knuckle-up location does Diego teach at?

That was beautiful

Diego was over at Kennesaw, but now is at the new location in Gwinette (sp?)

There is another thread on here where you can see him close out more fights using BJJ, he is very slick and getting better at the MMA game every day.