diegos destiny fell short, i knew God had a way.

diego kept sayin how it was his destiny and God granted him the gifts to be the best at 155. well idk what God was thinkin if he had actualy done that "okay i have a shitload of fighting talent to give, but no one in mind. ill jus give it to the biggest douchebag i know. sounds good." now who knows what exists besides bj being the best at 155 and rapin 7/11 ice cooler boy, but lets get aoki in this shit so bj can knock him out.

 Whats the purpose of knocking Diego at this point. The kid showed tremendous heart and will to survive. MOST fighters would have been out of there in the 1 round after BJ dropped him. The fact the Diego survived that, and still took BJ to round 5 is impressive.

As well, if the dr didnt stop it, I guarantee you Diego would have continued fighting. Hes a warrior for sure IMO!

 Diego has accomplished more already than the OP will in his entire life.