diet and the bible

I had a discussion with my wife earlier about dietary restrictions in the bible. My point of view is that the restrictions on things like pork and fish-catfish for instance (I was cooking catfish at the time of the debate) are related to health concerns of the time the bible was written. I do not feel that these restrictions are applicable today. She believes that since it came from god that it is unquestionable. I feel that we were given a brain and that we can and should use it.

The interesting thing is that the debate caused me to reinforce a past realization. It is difficult to write a book that will apply literally to the present and at any and all future times. This is regardless of the source of the writing because the problem will be in the interpretation as well as the writing. Different thoughts of the current time will influence interpretations. NOTE: This is not an attack on Christianity or the bible.

I feel that the dietary restrictions were for improving the health of those at the time. These restrictions may not be as applicable now. Other restrictions may be very appropriate now, but were unknown then and would have greatly confused those people. For instance, could you imagine the bible mentioning the hazards of fast foods/ McDonald's, possible problems with genetically altered plants and animals, food preservatives, mercury contamination of tuna or carcinogenic salmon?

I am curious on other's opinions on this.

I can see your point. Other people would say that if things like diet don't apply to today than neither does pre-marital sex or homosexuality.

The restrictions also had great symbolic meaning. You didn't eat carnivores as they ate raw flesh/blood.

You didn't eat scavengers that represented animals that ate and were associated with death and decay.

The dietary laws also made the Jews a 'separate people'. They were distinct and different and did not just "fit in" with the rest of the "world".

Try to read the laws of Kashrut before you judge them.

Well, what I know is that I`m going to eat very well this Christmas eve. :-)