Diet and What else is needed

Hey guys,

I have a question about diet. In the morning I have 1 quaker oatmeal express, orange juice w/ Calcium, a bananna, and Centrum Performance MV. For lunch I usually have rice, pinto beans, and guacomole, and a bottle of water. What confuses me is to what to eat for dinner. I used to have chicken & broccoli w/ white rice from the chinese place but i started to drink slim fast and tonite I just drank Nutrament. What is the best thing to have for dinner. I usually get home late and I have to wake up early in the morning to run. What would be a good diet for me? Thanks for any help in this area.



No clue dude sorry.

Question: does the diet above help you lost a lot of weight? Especially when making weight for a shiai?

BTW good to have fellow judoka on this forum

What's your goal? Bulk up or lose weight? What's your workout program? What's your current weight? What's your target weight?

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I usually try to go increase the proportion of slower digesting protein rich foods as it nears the end of the day.

Assuming that your goal is to lose weight the first thing you need to do is change your breakfast. Switch to real oatmeal (100% rolled oats) which still only takes 3 minutes to microwave, also throw away the fruit juice. Both are not good (going against common knowledge.)

For lunch I would go with more meat or protein. Chicken, deli sandwhiches etc. Also get a good amount of vegies in there. Get more of your carbs from vegetables and fruits.

Skip the meal replacments, you don't need them.

For dinner, same thing as lunch, some good lean protein and vegetables should do the trick.

A good rule of thumb is to make 5 smaller meals, make hte portions of your big 3 a little smaller and in between have atleast two healthy snacks. The snacks can be nuts, fruits, vegies etc.

What is your current training regiment?

If your goal isn't weightloss sorry, but if so this should help. Any more questions me or some of the better informed people here will be glad to help


That diet looks AWEFUL to me no matter what your goals are.

Nick is pretty right on if your goal is losing weight. However, i'd ditch the oatmeal altogether. It is just about one of the most dense carbohydrate sources there is. Fruits and vegetables should be your primary (if not only) carbohydrate source if you are losing weight.

If your goal is maintenance, or weight gain, then switch to real oatmeal, as suggested, still try to get most of your carbs from fruits and veggies, but when you do eat grains, make them whole.

Ditch the replacements, like he said.

Center your meals around a protein source. Traditional american cuisine often centers the meal around a grain source, or a 50/50 grain/protein source which is has obvious health consiquences.

Juice is bad too (again like nick said). Eat the fruit. It's better.


Doug, you really think if he's going to lose weight he should stay away from oatmeal?

Personally, I think if he starts the day with something like 1/2 cup of oatmeal and 2 hard boiled eggs that would be really good for losing weight and still feeling like you have had a good breakfast.

I know when I have needed to lose weight an oatmeal breakfast was always there



It depends on:

1. If he actually wants to lose weight
2. How quickly, and to what extent he wants to lose it

If he wants to be at a standard weight for him, and he's in no hurry getting there, the oatmeal is just fine. It's a matter of calories in/out at that point. If he wants to be cut up, or he wants to lose weight fast, then the oatmeal (and most any grains at all) should go. The reason for this is twofold; the extra glycogen is going to cause water retention and the extra calories from an extremely dense source won't help much (particularly in the short term).


Ok, I thought you were implying for extended weight loss in general not just quick weight loss. I agree with you in this case, if you want to lose weight fast you have to get rid of almost all grains.

Wiggum's talking about eating a small amount of oatmeal too, not the standard portions. I agree too though, if your trying to lose weight quickly, all the grains just slow you down and don't fill you up as much.

My general rule of thumb, is that if you can't digest the shit without cooking it, then it shouldnt be in your stomach anyway.

Of course i'm too fond of eating pizza to stick to my guns all the time, but you get the idea ;)


Hey guys, thanks for the responses.

Stickyfoot: Go Judo! lol. I just felt that the lunch meal gave me enough energy for judo. I didn't think about cutting cause I haven't competed this year yet. Planning for the Fall Classic in Sept.

Wiggum, Doug and others: Thanks for all of the advice. I am actually not cutting weight right now, but I would like to follow a diet that would maximize my training output. Starting July, I will be training in judo 5x a week: Mon- Mostly circuit training, Tue- regular Judo, Wed- Speed Drills and Form, Thur- regular Judo, Fri- Hard Judo. Also, I may be doing BJJ in the afternoons on Mon and Thur.

Weight training would be centered around Strength Endurance most likely 2-3x a week and on the off days i would do GPP conditioning. Plus i will be doing Taku's Intervals in the mornings around 6AM. I am gonna be starting Phase 3 next week.

So now I think its necessary to get a good diet. 2 weeks ago i was 145 and now I am 138. I fight at 132. I would like to be 132 with like 8% body fat. Ripped! I heard of the Zone diet, but I wasn't able to open it yet. Would that help me? My goal is 2008 and/or 2012 Olympics by the way. Thanks guys.


Cool good luck and hopefully we'll see you in 2008. I am guessing at 60kg and under.

hey don' be hatin' on tha oatmeal. Plain oatmeal has lots of soluble fiber, which is great for your system and slows down the absorption of the carbs. The absorption is also slowed down if you eat it with some protein, such as the eggs, or fat.