Diet compliance


I wanted to post this on the S&C forum.

I find it so hard to stick with an adequate eating plan.

I suppose I agree with the whole Paleo Diet idea. I find compliance very difficult. I live and work full time in London. Often I am traveling around during the day. When tired and bored it is so hard not to reach for refined carbs and chocolate when 'on the road'.

Even with an 'iron will' I couldn't remove ALL grains from my diet. I suppose I am still addicted. When I went pure Paleo I always relapsed within a week. When I added a complex carb in the morning (porridge) and brown rice for lunch my compliance improved. I felt better not having quite so much protein in my diet.

My goal is to stick to the following:

Breakfast: Porridge

Lunch: Meat and veg + little bit brown rice

Dinner: Meat and Veg

Try not to eat later than 8pm.

BUT there are so many things that stop me succeeding. Work dinners, social gatherings and my wife been naturally lean and eating whatever she wants.

I am weak. I need psychological tips to crack this problem.

Any advice?

New wife? lol

Get over the paleo thing:) Gluten is not the devil.


I think I agree mate

Don't worry about paleo if u can't contain yourself just to eat clean. ( Paleo doesn't work for me at all anyway)

I'm on the road all the time. Just take packed lunch every day then u won't need to go in shops that have temptation in then anyway. Save money as well. Phone Post 3.0

agreed, thanks Brigsy

Hey S84,

e-mail me for a copy of my bsic eating plan. If you need more specific help, let me know.



Thanks Taku, i will send email.

Sounds to me like your "iron will" isn't quite made of iron. Phone Post 3.0

Diet is my killer too, trying to get away from drinking rockstars and going for quick easy meals instead of healthy meals Phone Post

I thought "paleo" was a hokey waste of time. Until I started it three weeks ago. I can see how it doesn't work for a lot of people. But, it has been fantastic for me. I still hate calling it paleo though. I consider it healthy eating. Not some fad diet plan. It has made a huge difference for me. Phone Post 3.0

Taku -

Hey S84,

e-mail me for a copy of my bsic eating plan. If you need more specific help, let me know.



Thanks for the email Phone Post 3.0

the problem with you and others who attempt a "diet" instead of a true "lifestyle change", is that you think it's about "will" and that your physiology and metabolism/endocrine systems are working like people who are all ready eating like you want or drinking kale shakes.

you are right that you need mindset/psyche work in order to do that but for that you need to immerse yourself in the manner. read, learn, apply, EXPERIMENT. that's how you make "changes" you do experiments; try a green juice instead of breakfast (all nutrients blah blah and little caloric value yet satiating at the same time), try upping protein, down-ing protein depending on how you feel after meals (energy, satiation, cravings), etc.

start looking into all that stuff.