Diet/Exercise/Training routine?

Hi all,

Just wondering if someone could give me some pointers.

I'm currently trying to drop a few kilos (about 10lbs) as well as tone up at the same time.

I've been using this software that my wife bought that calculates Cal, Carb, Fat, Protein and Fibre targets for you (I've set mine to lose weight with a target of 1900 cals per day).

I've been grappling my usual 3 times a week plus doing a few different (The Pit, some old Navy Seal video etc) bodyweight routines every other day (for about 1 hour each time).

I've noticed I've dropped about 3lbs and appear to be cutting up a bit, but I'm just wondering if this seem like a good way to go about it? I'm sort of figuring it out as I go and would like any pointers.

Thanks in advance.


doesn't sound to bad a way to go about things.

Grapplers nutrition by John Berradi is a good resource (it's an e-book that you should be able to find by googling).

Cool. I'll look it up.