Diet is going well

Started last Tuesday at 246, weighed in this morning at 239.

Going well and not really having any issues sticking to it, occasional craving but it goes away as quickly as it comes on.

Good luck. What's the goal weight?

Usually the cravings come when it gets closer to crunch time. When you second guess yourself, is when you need a treat.

Goal is UNDER 200. Last time I fought was at 205, I weighed in at like 203.5 and then actual day of fight weighed in at 201, was in good shape, felt good etc... So below 200 is good with me for now.

Good thing about the cravings though. My wife actually got on the diet with me (Alli diet), she's a former body builder/power lifter. Like all women, she got married, put on a few, still looks damn good, just not in her own eyes.

It's easier cooking for 2 than it is for one, might be why I don't have problems with this very much at all. Picked up little snacks that are low in cal, low in fat so if the craving does hit, I eat one, it's not a big deal, I'm still very very well under my alloted calories and fat intake per day.

Calorie intake is no more than 1800 and I only consume 1400-1500 a day. Fat intake is less than 16 grams per meal, I consume not even half that amount.

Healthy foods etc...

best of luck! not an easy thing to do. respect

Try "Crank" he ..he

Seven pounds in little over a week??? Be careful

Sounds like your doing great keep it up

TTT for the sensei

Awesome, Chad! I've got a bunch of weight to take off too, so you're my inspiration right now. :)

Usually I drop pretty quick starting off. Realize that my usual calorie intake was between 8 and 10K a day so cutting it down to a healthy diet is going to shed it off pretty quickly. Cutting tons of fat out as well helps. My main weakness was SODA. Now it's water and occasional coffee.

Keep up the good work!

Mikey Mike, throw me an email, I'll tell you exactly what the diet is etc... help a brotha out. Thing that I love the most about it is, unlike the other "plans" that are out there you don't have to buy their "food" products's foods you would normally buy at the grocery store.

I'm not sure I've still got your email. Drop me a line at


Actually just healthy eating and an Alli pill with meals containing fat. Water instead of soda. Fuck I would drink 3 liters of soda a day before the diet, now I drink close to a gallon of water.

Haven't had any "treatment effects". I watch the fat intake. Usually if you go over on your fat, that's where your diarrhea comes into play.

How old are you Dojo, and what weight feels natural to you?

33 (turn 34 this month). I was fairly solid at 205 and felt great, better than ever in life. I'd say 200 or under would be fine, I honestly look sick under 200 because of body frame. Broad shoulders etc... I could go to 185 roughly and could probably look ok.

Weighed in this morning, 236.5 lbs. Down from 246 lbs 10 days ago. Going well, no cravings at all. Eating healthy.