Diet questions

Reading through the Team Quest training manual, and I have a few questions I was hoping you guys could answer.

1) It says to not eat frozen vegetables but rather to eat fresh ones. I do anyways, since fresh taste better. What exactly does freezing do though that is negative? What does it change in the veggies?

2) What is meant by a "Live Food"?

3) It refers to something called "concentrated proteins." Can you guys give me examples of these versus what a simple or unconcentrated protein is?

Thanks a lot guys :)

How does one procure said manual?

Chad Hamzeh will look at this thread for sure. He was the one who gave me the link. I'm in Chicago at the moment and received it here for him. When he looks here hopefully he'll still have the link.

yes I would like said link as well.....

damn team quest.... anyway, i think you can find it around


Graden, just be cheap like me and steal a look at Chad's. I'll give him a couple of bucks, so should you. We'll make it a Canuckles copy.

Of course, I say this purely without Chad's knowledge. Knowing him, I suspect it's ok, but wait for his confirmation of this before calling all your friends in excitement over saving a few $'s.

izz coo

All this aside, can anyone still answer my first 3 questions? Thanks

I always thought frozen veggies was good. I know to stay away from canned veggies.

When you freaze something it damages the structure, this leads to a loss in the nutritional value and vit content of veggies. Another thing is to try to avoid boiling veggies in water, steaming them is best as otherwise you wash away the nutrition.

Live foods are foods that contain enzymes that are eaten raw, the theory being that by cooking food at over 116 degrees F you destroy all the enzymes an render the food toxic(Or it could mean taking your steak on the hoof!)

Concentrated Proteins are just that foods that contain proteins in higher concentrations i.e. Chicken has more concentrated protein than Chease. Could also be referring to Whey protein supplements, would have to see the article

I'll have to remember that.

Lop the horns off, wave a Bic lighter at that motherfucker, and if it ain't mooin, toss it on a plate. Now there's some live proteins for your ass!

Yeah, I recently found a steak house that does just slightly more than that if you ask nice.

Not sure it's such a hot idea, but it sure tastes great.


Ashetarov, if it's a good steakhouse then Blue is the only way to order it. (they should put aside the best steaks to be served blue)

If the meat is a bit dodgy then you run the risk of tapeworm, not good! They grow in your gut and can reach horrific lengths. Mind you, not as scary as the ones that you can get from eating dodgy sushi (I love sushi by the way)

Vegetables in general are really good for you. Fresh ones are slightly better, but you can definately eat frozen ones in a pinch. They still contain most of the nutrients, to my knowledge.