Dieting Question

 If I eat correctly for the entire week but on the 7th day I eat anything I want and as much as I want (think feeling like shit), will the entire week's progress be canceled out? For example, say that I lost 2-3 pounds that week... will I have gained it all back just from that one binge day or will I just gain some weight back (i.e. 1 lbs.)?


yes, you fail

Damn... back to the...

I think cheat days/meals are good for keeping your sanity and having something to reward yourself for a week of good eating. But a whole day of anything you want, as much as you want, is going overboard IMO. I say half a day of whatever you want in normal portions, or one meal of as much as you want once per week is ok.

 I'm pretty sure that I lost 2-3 lbs. this week. I ate 6-7 times/day and worked out rigorously 4-5 days. It's just that today... well...there we these black and white cookies ("Oreos"?) and this ice cream cake with yummy black stuff in the middle ("crunchies"?) and I just couldn't say no. I was seduced! I basically ate junk food for dinner even though I did okay all day. But when I say "ate", I mean fucking BINGED. Like 'til I was so full I HAD to lie down.

 Can someone really put on 7 lbs. of fat in one day? WTF do you eat on that cheat day, bro?!

kos-if you are gonna be a self discipline lacking pig, go fucking nuts in the am. i am a firm believer that you can eat as much of any fucking thing you want, as long as it happens before 10 am. after that its time for discipline.

so whats up? turn into a fatty, or trying not to be one? or has the injection of hotties into your classes made you notice a few things about yourself?

sreiously, where are you at? where you trying to get?


 Just purge after binging. Has Mary Kate taught us nothing?

 lol To be honest, I'm not really fat but I'm not where I'd like to be either. But then again, I somehow probably wouldn't be happy even if I had a chiseled physique. I'm 214.5 lbs. currently but would just liek to slim down to about 200-205.

1 lbs of fat is 3500 calories... So if you have a caloric deficit of 500 calories each day (Burn 500 more calories than you consume) you should lose 1 lbs a week.

lose 10-15 lbs at your size? did that this morning when i packed a chew, drank my joe, and defiled the crapper.

no beer, no soda, lean beef & ground turkey, lots o broccolli & cabbage, cardio just a little more than you already do. 2-3 weeks and you got it, easy. it'll stick unless you get lazy (or thirsty)-MM

 Hopefully. I want to look good in my Affliction shirts! j.k.

 How tall are you?


If you lose 2-3 lbs. a week and are relatively lean, you're also losing some muscle in there. On a cheat day, you might take in an extra 1,000 calories, which is a only 3/10 of a pound. It's very hard to cancel 5-6 days of healthy eating with one day of bad eating. It's all about calories in/out.

Kostakio -  6'1
Hmmm. Same stats as me....

Perhaps a challenge would yield results.

But do I have the discipline?


more pbr, more masturbating, more hotwings. i'm 6'4". 185, and it seems to be working for me. except for my chronic brittle ribs (yup, busted again, been out for 3 weeks, prolly 3 to go). that said, I have not changed shit and haven't gained a pound w/o working out. i figure my burning inner rage keeps me slim-MM

Kostakio -  Can someone really put on 7 lbs. of fat in one day? WTF do you eat on that cheat day, bro?!

Unlikely. That would require over 25,000 calories. Or twice the ridiculous amount of food Michael Phelps eats in a day. I'm pretty sure you would vomit first, probably several times.

There must be some fat absorbtion rate. If you ate 20 sticks of butter in one day, I think you wouldn't store as much of it as if you ate one stick a day for 20 days.

But, I'm not basing that on anything other than my opinion.

I know of many fighters/athletes have a diet like that, where they have a "whatever you want day", but they burn it off anyway. Has something to do with recovery/carb loading or something.