diff between russian/japanese judo


Well that can take a lot of writing; in short the
russian style uses different grips and is more like
wrestling than the japanese approach to the sport.

what's the difference between the two styles of judo?

Gotta love Adams when he yells "uchi mata" in his
wonderful way!

believe me, Japanese judo in the universities is aggressive - and can be brutal as hell!

doesn't the russian style use a pistol grip or something like that? what is that? are they excellent at pickups and what not? and what is it about their armlocks? someone explain please.

Japanese judo is usually the term associated with the pure waters of Kodokan judo. As judo spread to other countries like Russia, the pure form of Kodokan judo was diluted by Russians and other Europeans. Prior to his death, Kano wore a yellow belt to protest the spread of this type of judo throughout the world.

Hmmm. Now that I think about it, I might be confusing judo history with something else.

Mark's definition is as concise and correct as anyone could put it.

The answers to your last questions are succinctly, the pistol grip is an illegal grip where you hold the sleeve at the end, yes, they are pretty good at pickups, and yes they were excellent at armlocks. Not that the actual lock was different, but they had numerous ways to attack with them. Much of their judo is influenced by Sambo.

If you really want to understand some of the gripping and philosophies of Russian judo, Iatskevich wrote a book that you can buy for 20 dollars. A few paragraphs wouldn't do the topic justice.

jap = gracefull russ = brutal.

if you randoried with both types,this would be your first observation.

Very true Quincy.

Two guys I train with were national champions in their respective countries in the 80's. One guy was from South America and his judo was Japanese influenced. The other was on the national team for a former Soviet bloc country. I've been beaten up by both of them numerous times. The way I explain the difference to people is this way,

When the South American throws me I don't know its coming. When the Eastern European throws me, I know its coming, but I can't do anything about it. To me, that summarizes the difference between the Japanese and Russian styles.

cool thanks. japanese is more gentle while russian is agressive.how thick is that book anyway?

The Difference? Russians pronounce "Ippon!" with a different accent.

92 pages

the russians are not as bad at prounouncing terms as the british...eeeepon sayyynaaaaugi!!

Yeah since choking is illegal in sambo, the russians who eventually crossed over to judo were very technical in armlocks.

When the Russians/Soviets 1st entered into European and World Judo competitions they entered in with Soviet Sambo Players using Judo rules and uniforms. The Russians/Soviets didn't use only the standard Judo Techniques of the day that were taught in Classical Japanese Judo but modified classical techniques such as the Flying Armbar(juji-gatame), rear throws(ura-nage)and sacrifice throws(tomoe-nage). Then they added
Sambo-related strategies like using the belt for throws, trouser grab throws and pick ups such as the
"Khabarelli or Georgian Pickup". A whole multitude of
moves that were not found in the Classical Japanese Judo Gokyo. The majority of the world outside of the Soviet Union were not familar with Sambo at that time. So the Sambo strategies were considered unorthodox (untraditional) Judo on the world Judo mats. So hence it became known as the style of Judo the Russians use aka "Russian Judo". There is much more that could written but I'd tried to keep it brief.

Russian style can be very smooth as well. One of my older Sensei's was from Georgia and he would have you up in the air and you would never see it coming.. same with his ankle picks and uchimata.. very very smooth.. This might not be the norm but I think the biggest differences are in the stance/grip and favorite attacks..

nice. thanks guys. interesting post somboboy. do u think u can tell me some more about russian judo. i am fascinated about it's style. that is something i would like to learn sometime.

nope.. right leg O... look closer...

You're right (of course)...I couldn't make out his big toe so I was wondering...

yeah, it makes a lot more sense as a right-throw...(I actually use that one as well! =)

After you read Russian Judo look into reading "Fighting Judo" by Katshhiko Kashiwazaki and you will see how much he learned from Russian Style. Sothy is so right about the trouser grabs, it makes Judo more exciting to me in the absence of leglocks in
competition. Also the trouser grabs were used prior to
Sambo. When Sambo was created it melded individual wrestling styles from nations of the Soviet Union into
the creation of Sambo. For example wrestling styles
Koch-from Armenia, Kuriash-from Tartar, Chiadoba-from Georgia and Gulesh-Azerbaijan. These national styles wore pants/trousers and belts in competition. So many of the USSR Sambist competed in those national style competitions too and were familiar with using the belt and trouser for throwing. So it was very easy for them to use that experience in Judo events.

Kashiwazaki won the sambo worlds 6 years prior to the judo worlds, it was an important part of his development. In fact, he developed his fav. technique on the spot in sambo competitoin (a type of tomoe-nage that he developed into his fav. move in judo (and sambo I guess)).

His teacher, N.Sato (perhaps the BEST newaza man in the world during his time, yes, including bjjers), was also a champ. in sambo.