Diff. powerClean technique.?



Check out the videos. Different way of doing things.


Those aren't new ways to do power cleans. They are just "bad" ways of doing them.

I was an intern for the Strength and Conditioning staff at Denver University for about 4 months last year. And the many of the athletes did the O-lifts the same way.

They simply "exaggerate" certain aspects of the lifting motion.

It "looks" cool at first until you realize how much of "bad" technique it is. It wasted movement.

I remember at D.U how some of the athletes on one particular team would do powers cleans that way (with that exaggerate jump movement where they would do almost a buttkick to make their feet slam against the floor when they moved into the catch position) and because they were upperclassmen the rest of the team started to do it that way too.

The S&C staff and I would comment on how bad that technique was BUT we couldnt do much about it because they have been doing that way for so long and it was pretty much a habit for them.

But nonetheless it is still BAD technique.

Take it from me DO NOT learn how to do O-lifts from college athletes. Learn them from O-lift coaches and O-lifts competitors. Also watch O-lifts done by O-lift competitors like forum member Koing. The technique is 20 times better!

Yeah, I agree. Actually I wasn't thinking that was correct-just wanted input as it seemed like poor form.
Someone on here said they were taught to do a little jump with the lift.

You can tell from watching and what is written that they are pulling stuff out of their ass as far as technique and reason for it.

wow man that is some dodgy technique.  The 1st clip the guy has his back rounded and the jump part is insane.  Same with the 2nd clip with the jump.

But nice facilities though :D.

A lot of techniquq threads here already so you can go searching for a few.

But heres me power cleaning and normal jerk; full clean and jerk;


Thats how I do it and the way my coach has taught me.  If you notice I travel a bit *backwards* but thats because I am use to doing full cleans and when you get full extension you do travel backwards a bit.  Most top rank eastern block lifters do the same.  Still can't believe anyone can Snatch 198kg ~ 435lbs ffs!  Too sick to comprehend how strong and fast the dude is.



Actually a little jump isn't bad. I was told by the head coach of the USAWeightlifting team to jump during the second pull and to do a forceful landing as I move in the catch position.

The thing is that the jump shouldn't be too exaggerated. It should be natural. In fact if you watch any good O-lifter do a clean or jerk or snatch you'll see they do jump and leave the ground during the second pull. Their feet has to leave the ground in order for them to reposition for the catch.

Your feet, from the start position, are never in that same position when you end up in the catch position. There is always a difference even if it is slight. So you do move your feet and in order to do that you have to leave the ground. BUT you don't leave it that much. Obviously when you do lighter weight you leave it more so than when you do heavier weight. But generally when you do heavier weight your feet are maybe only less than an inch off the ground.

Watch Koing's technique. Watch in slow motion. Pay particular attention to his feet during the second pull. You'll find he does leave the ground but only slightly.

Even with light weights you should be adjusting to the movement and your technique.  Don't jump off like those videos still.  Defiantely dont' kick your feet back like in those videos.  You can do that on light weights but with heavier weights you don't get the time.



Yeah, the thing they are doing in those videos are basically buttkicks.

It makes me sick just watching them.

And it isn't so much the jump as it is the landing. They do that stupid buttkick movement because they think it make them plant their heels on the ground for the catch position better.

I see m.g.

Well the landing is harder also from a greateer height of their feet also.  I try to keep mine on the floor longer and minimalise any air time.

Looks crazy imo.  B ut the facilities look nice :D

Hey so what do you do now then mg?