diff. within cigar brands

Just wondering what the differences are between cigars of the same make, i.e. padron 3000 vs 2000 vs 4000. Is it just a matter of size? If so, why would a 4000 be rated higher then a 3000? This question is for any make, not necessarliy Padron. Thanks

Good question. Alot of cigar brands offer varying flavor and strength depending upon length and ring gauge. Robustos are traditionally the strongest of every brand. Petit Coronas being amongst the weakest. Double Coronas and Figarados are also strong.

But Padrones are the exception. They are very consistent. Whether you smoke their delicias or their magnum, the smooth, medium-bodied flavors are consistent throughout the line.

I think I have taken a liking to the Padron Maduro Anniversery*