differance in muay thai camps

Sithpolek is in Pattaya, the owner is a Dutch guy. A friend of mine trained there during his holliday, he says it's cool. I would have trained there too but I couldn't find the gym; damn' tuk tuk drivers just wanted to take me to massage ;)


Sitpohlek is kind of rough. I knew a few guys who trained there and they beat the crap out of ya--some like it, some don't. One guy I knew fought for the camp a few times and was beaten by his traners and left at the bar he fought in...he had to find his own way home.

Too bad about Muangsurin, I hope it comes back. Camps often go through cycles where there aren;'t as many active fighters training.

There are plenty of other options in Pattaya and Bangkok for training. Due to obvious biases I recomend Sityodtong if you're going to be in Pattaya, but there are other excellent camps there as well.

As far as Bangkok goes, I'll see if I can find you some info.

Hey i was wondering what training at Muangsurin Camp is like? any one have any info on it? All i know is that it's in Bankok
also any one have info on Sitpholek camp what would the differance between training at the two? these are the 2 camps i'm looking to train at

Muangsurin is kind of inactive. I was there in September 1999, they had 3 fighters left living at the camp. They treated me well, and I had a good time. None of the 3 fighters had any work while I was there. Infact, I was the only guy that Raktae held pads for. I'm not even sure if they're open any longer. It would be too bad, since that camp has quite the history.