difference between ring and a cage

Whats the difference between fighting in a ring and a cage?

I hear people say so and so would beat sos and so in the ring but not the cage alot. Just curious

From my experience...It's about being able to use the cage to your advantage...For instance a wrestler usually loves the cage because he can put immense pressure on an opponent on the ground against the fence...Had that same scenario happened in a ring, it could, potentially, be restarted in the center to prevent the fighters from falling out...

^What he said^

Also Its harder to "defend" takedowns by grabbing onto the ropes instead of a fence. Especially when there are ring attendants slapping your hands away.

apparently the flying dropkick off the top turnbuckle is now rendered useless once u fight in teh cage. u also cant run off the ropes to generate speed for the clothesline maneuveur, etc.

^^ thats funny