Difference Between Tito and Ken

Tito is ther for his team to win and to help his guys, Ken is there for personal glory.  If Tito would have lost that fight tonight he would have been pissed off and sad for his fighter.  Ken Kind of laughed and felt, Oh well we lost again in a bad decsion. Darn it, I will kill Tito when we fight.

Like Ken said when Tito was rubbing it in his face after the fight, "All that matters is you and me."


You're right, it really sucks that Ken appears to be mostly concerned with just getting to Tito. At least that's the way it appears on the show.

Kendall Grove said something similar in an interview. He thought Ken was just there for the payday, and because he would get to fight Tito. Ken wouldn't have done the show unless they gave him a rematch with Tito.

Tito looked classless egging on Ken after a dubius decision.

I am surprised at Ken's approach. He led the Lion's Den and helped train many great fighters and their work ethic was notorious. I fully expected the training to be as intense as tito's but Ken seems to be too laid back for this level of competition.

Tito is right in the mix with everyone doing what he was hired to do - train them to win the contract. I bet the guys training with tito are glad they got picked and the guys training with Ken wished they had tito training them.

i agree. ken has laughed every time his fighter loses. odd.

he has also said "none of this matters tito...only when you and me get in
the ring". his team must be like WTF?!?

"You're right, it really sucks that Ken appears to be mostly concerned with just getting to Tito"

thats partly why I tune in every week, sometimes thats the only excitment.

also, there's about a 10 year difference as well.

Ken is fucking clueless